Direct Selling Diploma Fees | Shoolini University PG Diploma Course

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By now you must have known that Direct Selling is spreading very fast in India, and there will be a lot of changes in this industry by 2025. The biggest changes in this change have been in the form of direct selling diploma college courses and school courses. Today, the whole of India is searching online about the direct selling diploma fees, because now India has become very active towards this industry.

Recently, it has also been seen on newspaper and news channels that Narendra Modi’s government will also add the subject related to network marketing in the upcoming school and college courses. Apart from this, currently Shoolini University and IDSA have jointly prepared the Post Graduate Diploma Course (PGDDS) for Direct Selling.

In this article, we will get all the information related to direct selling diploma course fees and Shoolini University, and this information was as follows-

Schools approved for direct selling courses

Some time ago, it was reported on newspaper and news channel that the government will soon add network marketing course in universities. In the news of Lucknow, Director of the Board of Secondary Education, Vijaypal Bahadur said that additional courses related to network marketing will be added in the curriculum of schools.

This course will be implemented all over India very soon, although the outline of this course is being prepared right now. Through this industry, students will not have to wander for jobs.

Direct Selling Diploma Course College

Recently, the first Post Graduate Diploma course has been prepared for Direct Selling Business in India, which will provide Entrepreneurship opportunities to the students. This course has been jointly prepared by Shoolini University and IDSA, in which important information related to industry related guidelines, rules governing industry, difference between Ponzi and real companies etc. will be given.

In 2021-22, Shoolini University is setting up a Center of Excellence for Direct Selling (CEDSA), to which IDSA will also extend its support. This Graduate Diploma will provide the public with clarity of thought about the Direct Selling business through education and research, along with industry experts.

Network Marketing Business in India is getting the due recognition after almost 25 years, such as MoCA currently issuing Direct Selling Guidelines and 15 states accepting MLM etc. Apart from this, almost all the direct selling companies in India are operating internationally, and at present there are more than 20 million distributors associated with various direct selling companies.

The Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) in New Delhi in association with Shoolini announced the launch of the Center for Excellence in Academics (CEDSA), and will be India’s first Center of Excellence. It will start from the session 2021-22 of India, offering one year PG Diploma.

Features of Post Graduate Diploma

PGDDS will be a one-year full time regular diploma course consisting of six months internship and six months course work. Its six months internship will be done in any one of the reputed direct selling company. The course will combine face-to-face lectures, skill workshops, and group activities with the latest technology-based teaching tools and platforms.

The internship will last for six months of the course, giving the student a platform to start a career with the direct selling company of their choice.

Direct selling course in India fees

If you look at the fees of this PG Diploma Direct Selling course, sometime back it was Rs 1.51 lakh for 1 year course, although currently according to official news the price of this course is Rs 99,000. This course is of PG Diploma level type, and this course will be full time.


PG Diploma in Direct selling – Specifications

  • Total Frees: Rs. 1.51 lakh
  • Duration time: 1 year (With full time)
  • Course level: PG Diploma

Apart from this, you can also do online direct selling business, whose price can be from Rs 450 to Rs 5000, although it can be more and less. In these courses, you will get recorded lectures, which you can buy online.

This image is taken from Nishant the Millionaire YouTube channel.


Question: I can go to Network Marketing course after 12 science?

Answer: Yes, you can apply for this diploma course after passing 12th class. Keep in mind that you should be up to 18, so that there will be no problem while joining any direct selling

Question: How to do fast track join in network marketing course?

Answer: It is very difficult to build a network by forming a team in network marketing, but with good guideline you can join fast track. To achieve success in network marketing by building a team quickly, you should work in the following four positions-

  1. Creating a List and Sending Invitations
  2. Have a meeting
  3. Showing the Plan and Follow-up
  4. Get Joined

Question: Who started Direct Selling?

Answer: The history of direct selling is as old as civilization itself. This business originated in 2000 BC in the form of the Code of Hammurabi, designed to protect the welfare and integrity of the Babylonian direct seller. Later this industry spread to Greece, and then it reached the shores of America.

Similarly, this business continued to flourish in the 19th and 20th centuries. The first direct selling company in the world was Avon, the first version of DSA to join the industry.

Question: What is the syllabus for the Direct Marketing Diploma course?

Answer: Shoolini has introduced a Diploma course for Direct Selling for the first time in India, however there is no further information available regarding the syllabus of this course. It is being said that the syllabus for the syllabus is still being worked out, however many topics will be added in this course as syllabus, such as – identifying illegal companies, being a good team leader, how to invite and meeting how to etc.
This degree will be completed in two terms and both the posts will be of 6-6 months, in which 6 months will be of internship.

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