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Full details of how to use keywords in a blog post will be found through this post. In this post I will give you information about all the important points with the help of which you can easily use keywords in blog posts. And you can write an SEO-friendly article. In addition, I will also give you information about some free keyword research tools.

I assure you that through these points, you can easily use keywords in your blog post. In this post, I am going to give you complete information about the keyword.

What is a keyword?

A word that is used the most by people searching on Google. Such words are called keywords. like:
I need information for keyword research. For this, I will write a word in the Google search box. Like – ‘Free Keyword Research Tool’. After this, Google will give us information about which article will be best according to the same keyword. And this word is called keyword.

For this it is very important that you place keywords in blog posts very well. So that Google puts your site at the top. In this post, how do you use keywords in a blog post? Has been told about.

In this way, the method of placement of keywords in a blog post in a good way is called SEO.

The main purpose of this blog post is to place keywords in the blog post. Which is called on page SEO.

Free keyword research tool

Yes, we can use free keyword research tool for blogging. I will tell you the name of two sites using which you can research keywords for free.

First: With the help of ‘’ this tool, you can research keywords for free. But this site will allow you to search ten keywords every day. And with each keyword you will also get about five other unique keywords. In this way, you can search for keywords for free.

But if you want to discover even more keywords in a single day. So, you can do keyword research using two or more emails. And if you want, you can buy this tool by spending money.

If you want to buy keyword research tool then you can use SEMrush.

Secondly: With the help of ‘’ this site, you can take suggestions of thousands of keywords. But it cannot help in your choice of CPC and competition. But if you establish keywords in your blog post with the help of this post then you will not need the keyword tool.

Note: I research keywords with the help of these. And I do a similar setting.

What is on page SEO?

Establishing keywords in an orderly manner is called on-page SEO. To know more about it, click on the link given below.

So, let’s now see how keywords are used in blog posts?

how to use keyword in blog post

To understand how to use keywords in a blog post, I have a main keyword and some related keywords. Which is shown in the image:

In the same way, you also have to search for the main keyword. And to search for some more related keywords related to it.

So, let’s start putting keywords in blog posts:

  1. In choosing the main keyword, you have to choose the keyword big. If you are a new blogger. With this, you can easily rank on Google. Meaning use only a lower level keyword.
  2. In a blog post, the keyword is first used in the title box of the blog. And the title box should use your main keyword. The word limit of the title should be within 60 characters.
  3. After this you have to prepare your permalink. Like you see in your blog post written after the main site in the URL.

To create permalink in the blog, you will get a link option. Click on it. And then click on the custom link. Here, you have to write the keyword of 60 characters at most. And use this “-” sign in the blank space of the keyword.

  1. After this you have to write meta description. If your blog does not have meta description, then you have to write a meta description of yourself by going to the settings of Google. And after this you will get the option to write a description for each of your posts.

You can understand what a meta description is from an image. And this meta description should also contain your main keyword.

  1. After this, in the blog post, you have to first enter a main image. Which summarizes your entire post.

You must also SEO the image before inserting the image. After seoing the image you have to upload the image. This image has to be selected. On selecting it, you will find the option of the property below the image.

In the property you have to add Alt text and title text. In this text you have to write the main keyword.

How to do SEO of image?

Image SEO means that you have to upload your image in a good way. For this, you should keep the size of your image between 100KB. And the image size should be 360 ​​x 640 pixels minimum.

After this you have to rename the image. In this name of the image you have to write your keyword. And while writing the keyword, use this “-” sign in the blank space.

Remember that if you download images from Google. So, he has to edit you. Meaning you have to write anything on the image or you can do some color on it.

  1. In addition to the main keyword, when other related keywords are used, then for this you also upload the image. And this image’s SEO has to be done similarly.
  2. After writing the main keyword you have to start writing paragraphs. At the beginning of this paragraph you have to write the main keyword. And at the end of the paragraph you also have to write keywords.
  3. Write the limit of your opening paragraph in 6 or 7 lines only. You have to do this further.
  4. You have to use easy words in the paragraph. Which is easy to understand.
  5. After writing the article, you have to tag or label. This feature also gives you a blogger. You also have to use keywords only in the tag. While writing these, you definitely have to pay attention, which helps to rank your blog the most.
  6. In almost all the paragraphs of your article, write one or two keywords related to the paragraph and make it bold. Apart from this, you can also color italic or color.
  7. Important: Stop word should never be inserted in URL, Title, image, meta description. You can see this stop word in the image. Keep in mind that this mistake should not be made by you. Normally, no other blogger would have given this information. The reason for this is that this word takes the premium of our post. This means they are ranked as keywords. And our main keywords are not able to rank.

We can call them a kind of weed.

  1. Before starting the article, you have to give the introduction of your post. And this detail should use your main keyword and related keywords. And they also have to be bold.
  2. Try to write your article in point. These points should be small. And these keywords should also be useful.
  3. After this you have to do internal linking. Meaning if your article is already ready on any keyword, then its link is to be inserted. This is called internal linking.
  4. The number of main keywords in your article should be around 1.5%.
  5. Your article should also be about 1500 words.
  6. At the end of the article, you have to write the conclusion. And in that conclusion, you also have to write keywords. And finally, you have to give a link with the title of some other related posts.
  7. Apart from this, you should also create a jump link. This is definitely an important point. Because your article will be very big. And it is very important to tell the user which topic is in your article.

The user easily reaches his paragraph by clicking on his must have topic.

Click on the button below to create a jump link:

  1. Can bold any main keyword in the blog. But please note that there should not be too many words bold in your blog post. And don’t make any lines or paragraphs bold. But you can color it.
  2. You have to highlight the key words in your post about three or four times.

You will also have to read the posts below to write a complete SEO article. This will give you complete information.

Last word (use keywords in blog post):

My name is Prem. And you can also consider me bloghelp Because I will help you in your SEO. And I will share my entire experience with you. Hope that you will like my information. And you must have benefited from it. You can find me on google by the name of bloghelp. And if you have any question related to the blog, you can write it in the comment box.

I will give you a free tool to write a unique article in an upcoming post. And will also give information about free keyword research tool. In the next post I will give you complete information about buying free domain and free hosting.

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