HTML coding for jump link & amp anchor link

What is a jump link & anchor link on blogger?

In this blog post, I will teach you how to make jump links. Jump link is very important for Googles Ad-sense time and SEO. With these jump links, you can design your post like a website.

What is a jump link, creating a link in a post, on which visitors click will reach the paragraph of the same point within the same post? Such a link is called a jump link. Means jumping from a text line containing a link to a particular place on the same post. This can be easily set up by tool in WordPress. But it is a bit difficult for the blogger. Because for this you have to do html setting.

Example: Text line containing jump link is given below, by clicking on it, the user (you) will reach the same main part of the post.

In this way you can attract your user towards your post. Because this will let your user know which points are mentioned in your post. And the user will click on that point to reach the right paragraph. With this jump link, your post will become a user-friendly post. This will make your post very much liked by your users. And they will share your post even further.

Therefore, at most you should make a user-friendly post. So that people share your post and you can get more traffic. To create a user-friendly post, you can apply some attractive images and GIFs.

How to create jump link

First of all, create a line of text on your blog as a question or a key point. The line through which you want to reach that main paragraph.
The paragraph of the blog post you want to jump to. Write a unique word there which is not even written in your entire post.
Now copy that unique word.
After that, open the html box in the blog post.
Press ctrl + F in html boxes and paste the copied word in the open search box and press enter. Try to understand the code of the unique word written in html.
Meaning at the beginning of the word unique you will find written.
Note: There should be no duplicate of that unique word in your post. If there is a duplicate word, then write it after the span with care.
Now after…

  • after < p id = “01” class….>
  • now copy link of blog post like in image.
  • After this, select text and tab on link button.
  • Now past link of your blog post . And after that put a sign of ‘#’ in last of link.
  • Such as: https: //—–#01
  • After the # sign, you have to write the same ID code that you wrote in html boxes {id = “01”
  • importent: id=”3″ never select this option = “Open link in a new window”
  • This is the setting for the new blog. In the interface of the old blog,

will be replaced with . But don’t worry, you have to do this setting in this way.

How to apply GIF to Blog;

First select a favorite GIF on Google. And save it as a save edge image on your computer.
Now to upload GIF in your blog, open the blog post in edit mode. And select the place where GIF is to be uploaded and click on it.
Now click on the image button of your blog post. And select Save GIF on the computer. And upload it.
In this way, you can easily upload GIFs.

How to add moving text to your blog post?

You can write a moving text in a blog post. This is also a good tool. With which you can decorate your post. And you can attract your user. You can create this moving text with a single click in WordPress. But the blogger does not get any such tool. We have to create a tool by creating html coding. That’s why there is a difference between WordPress and Blogger. Because in WordPress you do not have to work hard. But in the blogger each tool we have to make ourselves. So, when you start earning money, then buy WordPress.

Let us now teach how to create a text on the go. For this you have to write a code which is given below:
type here text
Instead of type here text, you can write any of your text.
It must be noted that there should not be any blank space on both sides of the text.
After this you can set this code anywhere in your blog post.
Open the html box to set the blog post. And place the cursor on the place where you want to place the moving text. And paste the code over there.
After that click on compose button. Now you will see only your text in the post. If you want to make the text smaller or bigger or change the color while moving, you can edit the text. After this you can publish it. You will see the text in the blog post.
By copying the code of the running text, you can save it as JavaScript. This makes the running text always visible in your blog post.
When copying the code of the text, keep in mind that the word starting with the code {mareen/ text here mareen/} must end with the same word {}.

Last word:

My name is Prem. I am ready for your support all the time. I share with you all the experiences that I have known myself. Hope that my experience will be beneficial for you. I will always be your friend And I will show as a good blog guide. For this, if you have any question for the blog, then you can write in the comment box. In a week, I will try to reach the answers to all those questions in my blog post through a post. If you want to get the notification of my upcoming post first, then please subscribe to my blog. I am your good thinker:

Note: I will check all the code in the upcoming post to make the blog user-friendly. Such as the code of the moving image, the code for creating an automatic internal link, adding the automatic sound, preparing the slide Shaw, etc.


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