Is Speech Blubs App Free ( Language Therapy App For Kids)

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In today’s digital age, educational apps have become integral to children’s education and development. One such app that has attracted much attention is the Speech Blubs app. If you want to know whether the Speech Blubs App is free, this article will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know.

Yes, the Speech Blubs app is free to download and use for the first seven days. Afterward, you must subscribe to a monthly, annual, or lifetime plan. The monthly plan costs $14.49, the yearly plan costs $65, and the lifetime plan costs $99.99.

Do you want to know What is the Speech Blubs app, How To Cancel Speech Blubs App, Other free Alternative speech therapy apps, and How to download and use the Speech Blubs app? So read this article thoroughly.

What is the Speech Blubs app?

What is the Speech Blubs app

Speech Blubs is a voice-controlled speech therapy app that allows children to practice speaking a new language in an educational environment. In this, children can easily practice learning any language by watching videos.

Speech Blubs is an excellent app for children struggling with speech delays or simply looking for a fun and engaging way to learn new words and sounds.

It is very easy to use this speech therapy app. In this, different types of activities are provided to the children. You can easily download Speech Blubs App from the play store.

App Name

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy


1 M+


Offered By

Blub Blub Inc.

App Category

Speech Therapy App

Released on

Nov 2, 2017

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Key Features of the Speech Blubs App

The following are the features of the Speech Blubs App-

1. Video Modelling: With the help of this feature, children can watch videos of other children saying specific sounds and words. With this, children can quickly learn to speak by watching other speaking children.
2. Audio feedback: This app gives audio feedback when a child pronounces a sound correctly so that children can easily improve the pronunciation of words.
3. Games and activities: In this, children are given games and activities to learn the pronunciation of words to make their speech skills better with fun.
4. Progress tracking: The app tracks a child’s progress over time. This can help parents and therapists see how a child improves and ensure they are on track.

Speech Blubs is a great resource for parents and therapists who are looking for a fun and effective way to help children improve their speech skills.

Is the Speech Blubs app free?

The Speech Blubs app offers both free and paid versions. If you use its free version, you will get limited activities and features. However, to take advantage of all the features, you will have to subscribe to it.

If you want to use the Speech Blubs app for free, you can see 7 days free trial of its Annual Subscription. In this trial, you can use all the features of the Yearly Plan.

You can also subscribe after 7 days trial. In this, children are taught through games and fun activities.

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How Much Is Speech Blubs App

You have three Subscription Plans in the Speech Blubs app: monthly, annual, and lifetime.

Subscription PlanPrice
Annual$65/year (billed upfront)
Lifetime$99.99 (one-time payment)
How Much Is Speech Blubs App

How To Cancel Speech Blubs App?

You can cancel the subscription plan of the Speech Blubs App app from its official website and its app.

If you use its app, you can cancel the subscription to Speech Blubs App in the following way.

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Tap on your profile picture.
  • Tap on “Subscriptions.”
  • Find the Speech Blubs subscription and tap on it.
  • Tap on “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Follow the instructions to confirm your cancellation.

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Benefits of the Speech Blubs app

Speech Blubs is a popular Speech Therapy App that helps children learn new sounds and words with the help of Video Modeling. In this, you will get many features so children can easily learn to speak.

  • Speech Blubs has about 1500 Activities that target various Speech and Language Skills.
  • Voice Modeling is used so children can pronounce sounds and words correctly by watching videos.
  • Voice-Activated Activities are also available, meaning children can practice speaking sounds and words just by speaking into the microphone.
  • Speech Blubs also tracks children’s progress over time so you can see your child’s growth.
  • This app has been designed to make it fun and engaging for kids.

How to download and use the Speech Blubs app

To use the Speech Blubs app, you must first download it and then create your account. After this, you can also use Speech Blubs for free, and if you want, you can also use it by taking Paid Subscription.

Here are the steps on how to download and use the Speech Blubs app:

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search “Speech Blubs.”
  • Tap on the “Install” button.
  • Once the app is installed, then open it and create an account.
  • Select a subscription plan.
  • Now Start using the app.

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Comparison With Other Speech Therapy Apps

I have given you much information about the speech Blubs app, based on which you can do other Speech Therapy App Comparision.

Here are some other famous speech therapy apps:

  • Splingo
  • otsimo
  • Talkie Articulation
  • Proloquo2Go etc.

Is Speech Blubs Safe

Yes, Speech Blubs is a safe app for children. It has been designed with safety in mind, and it does not contain any inappropriate content. The app also has a child lock feature that prevents children from exiting the app while practicing.


Following are the frequently asked questions related to the Speech blubs app-

Is the Speech Blubs app suitable for all ages?

Speech Blubs is designed for children ages 2-8, but it can be used by children of all ages.

Can the app be used without a subscription?

Yes, you can use Speech Blubs without a subscription. However, the free version of the app has some limitations. If you want, you can use its annual plan for free by taking a trial.

Are the subscription plans affordable?

Whether the subscription plans of Speech Blubs are affordable depends on your budget and needs. Here are the subscription plans and their prices:
Monthly: $14.49/month
Annual: $65/year
Lifetime: $99.99

Is Speech Blubs a good app?

Speech Blubs is a good app for children struggling with speech and language development. It has a variety of features that make it a valuable tool for speech therapy, including:
1. Over 1,500 Activities
2. Video Modeling
3. Voice-Activated activities
4. Progress tracking
5. Fun and Engaging


The Speech Blubs app is valuable for children’s speech and language development. You can use it for free, but you will get very limited features in the free version. But if you subscribe to it, then you can use its features.

In this article, I said that it is speech blubs app free. Hope we have been successful in giving you helpful information. If yes, share this article with your friends searching for a good Speech Therapy App.

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