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Question: Has your website been added to the spam list?

Question: Name of a free spam website checker tool?

Is your site still not ranking on Google? Whereas in your blog, you have done both on-page and off-page SEO of keywords very well. And together you have made a lot of backlinks.

If you have done all this but still your website is not getting ranked on Google. Friends, in this post you will get the answer to all these questions with very good information.

One reason for all this can also be that your blog has been added to the spam list by URL Google. If this happens, your site will not be able to rank on Google under any circumstances.

Maybe now you are getting some more questions as to

  • what is the spam score or spam website?
  • How to know if our website is spam?
  • how to check spam score of websites?
  • How to solve this problem if our website is in the spam list?

Note: You will get the answer to all these questions in this post. For this you have to stay connected with the post from start to the end.

what is spam website?

Spam website: The spam website is called the website that Googles decorates. And that means Google refuses to rank your website on Google page. And adds it to its spam list. Such a website is called a spam website.

Q – For what reasons our website may be spammed or Penalized?

Our website usually gets spammed due to creating back-links from any other spamming website. Therefore, it must be noted that the website on which you are creating back-links is not a website spam. I will also tell you about the free tool to check the spam website.
Another reason is that sometimes you give your URL to some such website. Who takes some money from you and makes a lot of back links? But he creates a back-link to your website on some website whose website is already spammed.
Hence the website on which you create a back-link. Be sure to check his spam score. Next, I will also give you a spam list. For this you remained with our post.
For back-links, you should select the same websites whose DA and PA must be checked.
One reason for this is that if you make your website against Googles rules then your website will be panned by Googles.

What is the harm with the spam website?

harm of the spam website is:

Google makes the website a spam. This will prevent your website from ranking on Google at all.
If you have done as much SEO of your website but it will all fail.
All your hard work will be over.

Free spam checker tool for blogger:

How to check the spam website?

Spam is an absolutely free website to check website spam scores. The name of this website is: websiteseochecker.com

From here you can check the spam score of your website. After opting for this website, you have to copy the main URL of your website. And paste it into this website. After this the captcha has to be clicked. And check the DA and PA of your website.

Through this image you can see the Spam score:

List of spam scores:

Friends spam score is measured by moz. Because it is made by Moz. And based on the parameters of the moz, the website is put in the spam list. The spam score list of the website is as follows:

The green part in this table indicates the general situation. And the yellow area indicates your website is in danger. And the last area is red colored, in which there is a lot of risk of your website being scored. But in this post, you can reduce the spam score of your website.

If you want to check the spam score yourself, then you can visit this website.

Solution to the spam website problem:

How to solve the problem of spam website?
If you want to solve the problem of your spam website, then first you have to create your account on moz.com website. You will get an email after filling in the account form. And in that email, you have to activate moz’s account.

go on this website and create your own account ; moz.com

After this you have to repeat the following procedure:

  • Free SEO Tools
  • Link Explorer
  • Spam score
  • Paste main link
  • Click on search button
  • Scroll down

You can complete this process with these images.

Here you will get a link to all the websites in which you have created backlinks.
Now you have to copy all those website links. And save it to notepad. Keep in mind that all these links have to be saved in Notepad itself. Because the code of it save file is of type .txt.

On this website you will find only 50 links. And after 1 month your account will be closed.

To copy the website link, open it all together in a new tab. And copy all the links one by one. According to the image below, you have to paste the link and save it. You have to do this work carefully. Because there is a mistake, your file will not be uploaded further.

Save the file in .txt itself. And we can write the name removelink in the name box. But the name should not contain spaces.

After saving the file, you have to click on the button below. But before that you have to keep the following things in mind:

Before clicking on this button, you have to login to Google account. Remember that on this email you should also have an account of Google search console. And log out the other accounts.

After clicking on the button, a tab will open in front of you. Here you have to select your email. And after that you have to upload the file remove link.txt.

click here for upload of your file:

If you have prepared your file well then you will not see any kind of error.

In this way, the request to remove all spam websites will be sent to Google. And within few days or few months your spam score will be reduced.

Note: You can use Moz’s account for only one month. If your spam score does not decrease much on the first try. So, you can create a new account on the socks from your other email.

Last word:
My name is Prem and my friends call me by name of bloghelp. I hope you liked the free spam checker tool. And if your website is in the spam website list, then you must have solved it with the information given by me. But if you still have any problem, then you can write it in the comment box. I will be ready all the time to solve your problem.

I am going to bring even more good information in the coming posts. If you want to get the information of all of them first, then you can subscribe to my website. And definitely share this post with your friends. Because more people will read this post, it gives me the enthusiasm to work harder. And I keep working hard for you.

Thank you very much for reading the blog post.

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