What Is Tango App Used For? Is Tango A Dating App?

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Tango is a popular mobile application whose name you must have heard somewhere. But do you know what Tango App is and what it is used for? If you do not know about Tango App, then read this article completely because in this article, we will give you a lot of information related to the Tango App, such as what it is Tango App, how to use it, how to download it for free, What are its features, is it a dating app, how to earn money from it and is it safe to use.

What is Tango App?

Tango-Live Stream & Video Chat

Tango is a social live-streaming community platform where you can connect with new people worldwide. This application has been downloaded by more than 450 million people worldwide. You will find many features to connect with people in it, such as live streaming, video calls, messaging, gifts, communities, etc.

You can use the Tango App to connect with your friends, relatives, or strangers worldwide. Tango application is available for Android, iOS and Web.

App name

Tango-Live Stream & Video Chat

App downloads

450 M+

App Rating

App Size

62 MB

Latest version


Released on

Sep 29, 2010

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What Is Tango App Used For?

Tango is a versatile mobile application that gives users a lot of features to connect with their friends, family and loved ones. You can use the tango App to connect with anyone worldwide, for which you will get many features, such as live streaming, message chatting, video calls, and communities.

You can also earn money from Tango App, which I will tell you in detail in this article.

Features of Tango App

Tango has various features that make it stand out from other messaging apps. Some of its key features include:

  • Video and Voice Call: Tango enables users to make high-quality video, and Voice calls to individuals and groups.
  • Messaging: Users can send text messages, voice messages, photos, videos, and even stickers and emojis.
  • Social Features: The app allows users to discover and add friends, follow public chats, and send virtual gifts to each other.
  • Games and Entertainment: Tango offers a collection of games and live-streaming options for entertainment purposes.
  • Photo and Video Sharing: Users can share photos and videos directly from the app with their contacts.
  • Customization: Tango allows users to personalize their profiles and adjust various app settings according to their preferences.

You can use the above features in Tango App.

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How to Use Tango App

The Tango app can be used for communication and earning money. Let me tell you how you can use Tango App.

  1. First, you must install the Tango app on your device.
  2. With the help of a Facebook or Google account, you have to create your account and then log in.
  3. After login to Tango App, you have to find those contacts who are using Tango App.
  4. Now you can do video calls, text messages, live streaming etc., with those people.
  5. In the app, you will find a “Live” icon; by clicking on it, you can do live streaming.
  6. Many communities are also built in the Tango app. You can join any community.

In this way, you can use Tango App. But you have to take care of some things.

  1. You can make video calls with ten people simultaneously in Tango App.
  2. With the help of live streaming, you can also increase your followers.
  3. You can join any community according to your hobby and interest.
  4. You can earn money with the help of license streaming and gifts.

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Is Tango app free to use

Yes, Tango is free to use. You can do video calls, send text messages, and live stream to your followers without paying anything. However, there are some in-app purchases that you can make, such as buying virtual gifts for your favorite creators or subscribing to premium features.

Is Tango A Dating App

No, Tango is not a dating app. However, you can use this app to meet new and romantic people. You are using this app with more than 450 million people, so maybe you will find a good partner.

How Earn Money form Tango App

You can also use Tango App to earn money. In this, you can earn money by live streaming. But for this, you have to have the heart of your audience. If your audience likes your content, then they can gift you. And with the help of these gifts, you can earn money.

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Is Tango App Safe To Use

Tango is a secure application that more than 450 million users are using. In this, you also get great fun security features, like keeping your profile private and reporting any suspicious activity.


Q1. Can I use Tango on my PC or laptop?

As of now, Tango is primarily designed for mobile devices and does not have an official version for PCs or laptops.

Q2. Can I make international calls with Tango?

Yes, Tango allows users to make video calls to contacts worldwide, provided they have an internet connection.

Q3. Can I use Tango without sharing my phone number?

Yes, Tango provides an option to sign up using your email address instead of a phone number for added privacy.


Tango is a dynamic and user-friendly app that is an excellent platform for connecting with friends and family and meeting new people. With its diverse features and secure communication, it has become popular for those seeking a comprehensive social networking experience.

In this article, we told what Tango App is and its uses.

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