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Do you want to earn money by playing games? If yes, then Yoswin App can be a good suggestion for you. You can earn money in the Yoswin game app by playing a colour prediction game. In this article, I will tell you how to download Yoswin Apk. And also, I will tell you about the ways to earn money from Yoswin App.

Yoswin is an online gaming platform which has many games like Mine, Parity, and Crash. You can earn money by playing any game, and you can also earn Rs.151 by signing up for it. Let me give you information about how to download Yoswin App.

Yoswin App Download Apk

Yoswin Referral Code


Yoswin App Download APK

Yoswin Sign Up Bonus Cash


Yoswin Refer & Earn

₹50 + Commision

Yoswin Redeem/Withdraw

UPI/Bank Transfer

Minimum Withdrawal Amount


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What is Yoswin App

Yoswin is a money-earning game app. In this, you will find many different types of games by which you can earn money by playing. It also includes a colour prediction game where you can make money by just predicting the colour.

Apart from this, you can also get bonus cash of Rs.151 by signing up for Yoswin App. You can also earn money by referring Yoswin App.

You can download Yoswin App from its official website, for which I have explained the complete process in this article.

Yoswin is a prediction game you cannot download from the Play Store. There is also financial risk involved, so play responsibly and with caution. Our team Bloghelp has written the article only to give information about Yoswin App; we do not promote it.

How To Download & Register On Yoswin App

Let me tell you clearly that Yoswin App is available on the Google Play store. But you can download Yoswin Apk from its official website.

Before downloading the Yoswin App, you have to register yourself in it. If you register using this referral code, you can get Rs.151 bonus cash.

Follow the following procedure to download and register Yoswin App.

Step 1: Click the below “Download Now” button to take you to its official website.

Step 2: Click on “New Registration“.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number, OTP, password and recommendation code.

Step 4: Tick the box of Privacy Policy and then click on the “Registration” button.

Step 5: Go to the “My” section to download Yoswin Apk.

Step 6: Click on the “Download Apk” button.

In this way, you can download and register Yoswin apk.

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How to Play Game in Yoswin App

Yoswin is a very fun game in which you can easily earn money by playing the game. In this game app, you will find four different types of games, such as Crash, Parity, Mine and Wheel.

All these games are prediction games in which you can earn money by making predictions. Let me give you some information about these four apps so that you can play these apps easily and earn money.

1. Crash Game: This is a popular prediction-based game with simple game rules. You have to place your bet at the beginning of the game, after which the game will start when the rocket takes off. You have to guess and withdraw the money before the rocket is crashed. In this way, you can play Crash Games very easily.

Crash Game in Yoswin app

2. Parity Game: Parity Game is also a viral prediction game. In this game, you must guess the colour to see which will appear in the next round.

Parity game in Yoswin App

3. Mine Game: This game is easy to play; you must identify your box. You can earn money by choosing the box without Mine, but you will lose the game if you choose the box with Mine.

4. Wheel Game: This game is somewhat similar to the Piracy game, but the only difference is that you have to guess the colour of the wheel. After choosing any colour of the wheel, the wheel will rotate. You win the game if the wheel stops on the colour, you guessed.

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Yoswin Refer And Earn Program

You can also earn money by referring Yoswin App and earn up to Rs.50 cash per referral. In this, you will get Referal Earning up to 4 levels.

You can earn money by referring Yoswin App in the following way.

  1. First of all, open your Yoswin App.
  2. Now go to the “Invite” option of the app.
  3. Share the referral code with your friends.
  4. The more friends you share, the higher your commission level will be.
Yoswin Refer And Earn Program

How to Withdraw Money From Yoswin app

It is straightforward to withdraw the money earned from the Yoswin app. You will find many ways to withdraw money in it, like UPI, Bank Transfers.

You can withdraw money from Yoswin App by following the following procedure.

  1. First of all, open Yoswin App and go to the “My” section in it.
  2. Click on the option with “Bank Card“.
  3. Enter your bank account details like account holder name, bank name, account number, IFSC code etc.
  4. Select any method to withdraw money.
  5. Now, click on the “Withdrawal” button.
  6. Enter the withdrawal amount to withdraw money, and finally click on Withdraw.
How to Withdraw Money From Yoswin app

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Yoswin App Customer Support

You can contact its customer care team to solve the problem related to recharge or withdrawal in Yoswin. You can contact them through their official email. His email id is Support@yoswin.com.

But note that the working time of Yoswin’s customer support team is from 7 am to 8 pm. Therefore, you should contact them now, your problem can be solved quickly.

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How does Yoswin App work?

Yoswin is a gaming platform in which you can earn money by playing games. Apart from this, you can also earn money by referring to it. This app gives you money for making predictions.

How much signup bonus cash is available in Yoswin App?

In that, you get a signup bonus cash up to Rs.151.

What is Yoswin’s Customer Care Number?

You can contact Yoswin Customer Care Team from its official email, “support@yoswin.com”.


Yoswin is a good prediction game, but it can be unsafe because it is not available on the play store. Apart from this, there is no proof that this app is safe. I advise you to use a safe game app, such as Fantasy App, Gamezy, Fiewin, Winzo, MPL etc.

You can download Yoswin Apk from its official website, but play it on your responsibility. We will not be responsible for any profit or loss of yours.

My name is Prem Jatol, and I am a blogger. I love writing about money-making apps. I search for new apps every day and then analyze them. If that app is real then I share it with you. Apart from this, I also solve your problems on this blog. I take great pleasure in sharing my experience with you.

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